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The Fountainhead Part 1, Chapter 2

Guy Francon gives a speech at the Stanton graduation. Peter Keating, a fellow student, realizes that he's the best in the class and everyone is there to see him, but can't remember what his final project was. His thoughts are turned to his competition with Roark and with Shlinker, another classmate. At one time Keating wanted to be an artist, but his mother pushed him into architecture because of the prestige involved. After graduation, Keating stumbles across Roark and asks his opinion on whether he should take a scholarship at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, or a job with Francon; he can't seem to decide which would be best for his career. Roark asks how Peter could possibly want someone else to make this decision for him. Mrs. Keating pushes Peter to go with Francon. Roark says he will go to New York to work with Henry Cameron, who used to be a successful architect but has since become a drunk. Peter decides to take the job with Francon.

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