Part 2, Chapter 3 Notes from The Fountainhead

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The Fountainhead Part 2, Chapter 3

Keating reads a story in the newspaper about Ellsworth Toohey, who inherited $100,000 and gave it to the Workshop of Social Study. Keating is still annoyed that he has yet to meet Toohey. He thinks of the matter of the Cosmo-Slotnik building. The owners have been trying to choose a sculptor for the statue in the entryway. Steven Mallory was the choice, but it turns out that his sculptures are too violent and severe. It is left up to Keating to choose another. As Keating decides on whom to pick, he finds he is pleased that the fate of other men's lives rest in his hands.

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He reads an article left on his desk for tomorrow's paper called "Keating." The article praises the design of the Cosmo-Slotnick building for its selflessness, proof of Keating's talent. Accompanying the clipped article is a note from Toohey asking Keating to drop in one day. He makes an appointment with Toohey, thinking that he had never thought of the symbolism in his building, which Toohey wrote about.

Keating comes back from lunch to hear that Ellsworth Toohey had been shot at; his first reaction is "will the article still be printed?" He finds out that the shot missed, and the assailant was Steven Mallory. He is disturbed that he will never know the motive.

Keating goes to see Toohey, and is impressed by his intellect and gaiety. Keating tries to bluff his way though talking about the design of his building. Toohey had interpreted more from the design than Keating had, but Keating goes along with his analysis. He senses that Toohey knows he is bluffing-and did not in fact design it-but approves anyway. They share a bond of fear and Keating knows that he likes Toohey more than any other man he's met. Toohey tells Keating that he wants him to meet Lois Cook, a writer who would like her home designed. Then he asks about Catherine and the engagement, seeming to be very amused by it all.

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