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The Fountainhead Part 1, Chapter 11

After opening his new office, Roark goes back to Snyte's office to get his things. Snyte tries to intrigue him back by apologizing and raising his salary, but it doesn't work. Peter Keating visits Roark at his new office, looking for a sign of weakness or insecurity, but finds none. He tells him how hard it will be to be out on his own; even he, who is far more established in the field, won't do it. When asked if he will join the Architects' Guild of America, Roark says no.

Roark visits Cameron the day after signing the contract to tell him the news; Cameron has no real response, except to ask him to take snapshots of his design, but later tells him to never mind. Roark comes back shortly to give him pictures; Henry exclaims that he's lived to see it. He tells Roark what he's getting himself into, and tells him he's noble for doing it.

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Roark visits the Heller house as it is being constructed. He runs into Mike, who got put on this job on purpose, to see Roark. Roark has had trouble finding a contractor who would do the job, but finally found a small company who needed the money and charged way too much because they doubted it would stand. Austen Heller and Roark talk about how the house has integrity; every part is there for a reason, as opposed to most houses that have fake façades and columns for the sake of impressing others. Many architectural publications come out in the following months and not one mentions the house; architects find it to be a joke, thinking it will not last and Heller will come to his senses and re-design it in a nice Colonial style. The Heller home becomes famous because everyone makes fun of it. Ellsworth Toohey makes no comment about the house in his column.

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