Book 1, Chapter 4 Notes from The Fellowship of the Ring

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The Fellowship of the Ring Book 1, Chapter 4

Frodo feels refreshed in the morning and admits to Pippin that he did not learn much from the elves. He asks Sam if he still wants to go with him. The elves had warned Sam before he went to sleep that he had better stay with Frodo no mater what. Sam still wants to go with him "'I have something to do, before the end and it lies ahead not in the Shire.'" Book 1, Chapter 4, pg. 118. They argue about whether they should travel on the road or in the woods to avoid the riders. Pippin wants to take the road but they end up taking the woods. When they come to a river, they must go to a bridge and a black rider nears them. Pippin is worried that they have strayed too far south. Frodo decides that they should keep going in the same direction. When they stop for the night they find that their flasks were filled with elfish mead. Their merriment is broken by a shriek in the darkness. They get up and keep marching through the night. After daybreak, they find themselves at the farm of an old Hobbit. The farmer, Maggot, comes out with his dogs and recognizes Pippin. He has just turned black riders from his field. He invites them in for dinner and a beer. When they enter, he recognizes Frodo from his youth and tells him that Big Folk have been straying into the shire looking for someone by the name of Baggins. These people promise gold in exchange for any information they can give. The farmer told them nothing except to get off his land. He blames Frodo's trouble on associating with eccentric people. He suspects that Frodo is in some serious trouble and offers his help after they eat. Maggot puts them in his wagon and carries them to another river that they must take a ferry across. Maggot says he must return to his wife but presents them with a bag of mushrooms before he leaves.

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