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The Fellowship of the Ring Objects/Places

Shire: A land far to the north and west, inhabited primarily by the Hobbits. Few people in other parts of the world know anything of it and the Hobbits know little of the rest of the world.

Hobbits: Creatures half the size of men with round faces and bellies and hairy toes. They tend to live in homes that are partially underground and they very rarely go on adventures.

Sackville-Bagginses: A greedy section of Bilbo's family that has always been trying to get a hold of Bag End.

Ring of Power: The most important item in The Lord of the Rings. This ring was crafted by the evil lord Sauron and can over power all of the other rings of Middle Earth: The nine belonging to men, three to elves, and three to dwarves. Bilbo found it by accident in the deep caverns of the Misty Mountains in The Hobbit. It makes normal mortals invisible, but can give great power to those who know how to use it. Sauron, risen again, desires the ring so he can overcome the forces of good. The ring must be destroyed so that no one can wield it.

Bag End: Bilbo's home. It is a hole in a fashionable part of the Shire. Because of its size and location, many hobbits desire to live there.

Dwarves: Short stocky people who have beards. They are usually associated with mountains, mining, and metal-working. For some past transgression, they are the sworn enemies of elves.

Mordor: The land of evil and seat of Sauron's power. It is to Mordor that Frodo must go to destroy the ring.

Mirkwood: A wild forest to the due east of the Shire (many days march). It is where Gollum is held captive and where Sauron sought shelter until he was deposed.

Orcs: Goblin-like creatures who inhabit mountains and work for Sauron.

Trolls: Giant evil creatures who work for Sauron.

Elves: Graceful and thin people who live for an indefinite amount of time. Elves are associated with the forest and nature as well as magic. In these books there are the High Elves and the wood elves

Grey Havens : The ship building site where elves go to depart for the other side of the sea when they tire of Middle Earth.

Ringwraiths: The nine (once human) bearers of the nine human rings. They can sense the Ring of Power and search over the Earth for it in the shape of the black riders.

Rivendell: The home of Elrond and the Last Homely House. This is where the Council of the Ring meets and where Bilbo has been staying for many years.

Buckland: A land inhabited by hobbits right over the river to the East.

Big Folk: What the hobbits call men.

Old Forest: The forest on the other side of the hedge near Buckland that contains the Barrow-wights and Tom Bombadil.

Barrow-wights: These are terrible and dark creatures that live in barrows, hollow mist places beneath ruins of ancient cities in the Old Forest. With a subtle sort of magic, they lull travelers into a fatal sleep and they steal and hoard anything valuable. Frodo resists the powers of the Barrow-wight and calls for Tom Bombadil.

Bree: The town near the old forest where the north-south roads and the east-west roads intersect. Here hobbits and men live together.

Prancing Pony: The inn of Barliman in the town of Bree where the hobbits are directed to go for safety. Here they meet Gandalf's friend Strider and Frodo has an unfortunate moment with the ring. Their ponies are stolen during the night and after this point they must walk.

Rangers: The rangers, also called the Dunedain, are descendants of the men of the Westernesse of the kingdom of Numenor. They fought Sauron alongside the elves and men, and were lead by Isildur, the ancestor of Aragorn. There are very few of them left, and they live on their own, fighting evil throughout the northwest of Middle-earth.

Narsil: The sword of Aragorn's ancestor. It has broken a foot from the hilt, but when it is forged anew by the elves of Rivendell, it signals a first step in Aragorn's reclamation of his kingly title.

Weathertop: The hilltop where Strider hopes to meet Gandalf. Instead, he does not meet Gandalf and Frodo receives his grievous wound from the riders.

Minas Tirith: The capital of Gondor.

Gondor: The last great kingdom of men.

Moria: Mines below tall mountains where dwarves once mined for Mithril. A group of dwarves tried to return there and died. The Company gets trapped in the mines for some time and this is where Gandalf falls with the Balrog.

Rohan: An ally of Gondor.

Orthanc: The tower of stone where Saruman lives and Gandalf is imprisoned after he won’t reveal the location of the ring.

Wargs: A more intelligent, super-sized type of wolves. Wargs are fearful of flame, and are held at bay by Gandalf's fire and lightning bolts.

Mithril: The valuable silver-colored metal that the dwarves mined in Moria. It is valued by all races.

Balrog: The creature that came from the pits of Moria and ran the dwarves out of the mines. It arrives and Gandalf fights it off, falling into the dark pit, so that the others may survive.

Lothlorien: The enchanted forest on the eastern side of Moria. Here the Company is aided by helpful elves and they meet the Lady Galadriel.

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