Scene 7: The Pope's Privy-chamber Notes from Dr. Faustus

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Dr. Faustus Scene 7: The Pope's Privy-chamber

Faustus recounts all the places Mephistophilis has taken him-from mountaintops to rivers and lakes, to splendid sites of European cities. Now, they have ended up in the Pope's privy-chamber. Mephistophilis declares the majesty of Rome. Faustus is eager to see its sites, but Mephistophilis convinces him to stay and take part in the holy celebrations of Peter's feast. Faustus, eager for some merriment, asks to be made invisible.

At the sounding of the trumpet, the Pope, the Cardinal of Lorrain, and some friars enter. An invisible Faustus begins to speak and the Pope wonders where the sound is coming from. The Pope tries to pass a dish to the Cardinal but Faustus intercepts it. The Pope passes another dish; this too, Faustus takes. The Pope offers a cup, which Faustus promptly snatches away. The Cardinal presumes the culprit to be some ghost from purgatory, seeking pardon from the Pope. The Pope commands the friars to sing a dirge to drive the ghost away. When the Pope makes a sign of the cross, Faustus warns him not to do it again. After the Pope does it a third time, Faustus hits him on the head. Faustus and Mephistophilis run away with glee.

The friars enter to sing the dirge. While they are singing, Mephistophilis and Faustus beat them and throw fireworks at them.

The Chorus enters to tell how Faustus went back home and became famous throughout the land because of his great knowledge and wit. He became known even to the Emperor Carolus the Fifth.

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