Scene 4: A Street Notes from Dr. Faustus

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Dr. Faustus Scene 4: A Street

Wagner encounters a poor clown with whom he holds a conversation. Wagner supposes that the clown is so hungry he would probably give his soul to the devil for a shoulder of mutton. The clown replies in jest that for such a great price, it would have to be a well-roasted mutton with good sauce. Wagner asks the clown to serve him for seven years. The clown does not take Wagner seriously. Wagner then warns the clown that he will summon two devils, Baliol and Belcher; still, the clown is impudent until he sees the two devils appear. He runs around crying so Wagner orders the spirits away. The clown notes how he recognized one as a he-devil-by its horns, and the other a she-devil-by its clifts and cloven feet. Having proven himself, Wagner orders the clown to follow him. The clown concedes, but begs Wagner to teach him how to call up the spirits. Wagner agrees to teach him how to turn himself into animals. Instead of animals, the clown insists, he would prefer to be turned into a flea so that he could go everywhere. Wagner bids him to follow with his eyes to the ground and even insists the clown call him, "Master Wagner."

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