Scene 11: A Green; Afterwards, the House of Faustus Notes from Dr. Faustus

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Dr. Faustus Scene 11: A Green; Afterwards, the House of Faustus

Having grown old, Faustus asks Mephistophilis to take him back to Wittenberg.

A Horse-Courser comes to buy a horse from Faustus. Faustus sells it to him, but warns him not to ride the horse into water. The Horse-Courser determines that if the horse is not up to quality, he will be back. He exits.

Before falling asleep on his chair Faustus tells himself:

"What art thou, Faustus, but a man condemn'd to die? Thy fatal time doth draw to final end; Despair doth drive distrust unto my thoughts: Confound these passions with a quiet sleep: Tush, Christ did call the thief upon the cross; Then rest thee, Faustus, quiet in conceit." Scene 11, pg. 45

The Horse-Courser re-enters, all wet. He demands to speak with Faustus because he had ridden the horse into water and it turned into a bundle of hay. Mephistophilis tries to forbid him from waking Faustus. But the Horse-Courser makes his way through and pulls Faustus by the leg. The leg comes off, thereby scaring the Horse-Courser off. Faustus has another leg appear. He and Mephistophilis enjoy a good laugh.

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Wagner enters and announces that the Duke of Vanholt wishes to see Faustus.

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