Chapter 6: The Giant's Drink Notes from Ender's Game

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Ender's Game Chapter 6: The Giant's Drink

The students are introduced to the battleroom for the first time. They wear stiff flash suits and have glass-like laser guns. Ender begins flying around and testing out the suit. He saw that pulling the trigger on the gun illuminated some light on the floor. At this point, he befriends Alai, one of Bernard's friends, and the only other student trying to figure out how to maneuver in the battleroom. they test the gun out on each other's feet, and realize that it immobilizes whatever part of the suit it hits The two new friends collect their closest friends, Shen and Bernard, and attack the other sixteen launch members.

When the others complain at this attack by "Bernard and Alai," Dap is unsympathetic: " 'Why weren't you ready?' asked Dap. 'you had your suits just as long as they did.'" Chapter 6, pg 61 To Ender's eyes, the largest divide in the launch group, between his crew of "outcasts" and Bernard's gang of bullies, was bridged by Alai. As a result, Alai was elected launch leader.

Later, Ender is playing The Fantasy Game However, he has reached an impasse: he cannot defeat the Giant's puzzle. Ender's character is faced with two drinks, and if he chooses right, he can go to "Fairyland." The game is rigged, though, because all the drinks kill him and it cannot be defeated. The character's deaths are always gruesome, and Ender has tried and tried until the game shuts down. "...His desk would go dark, 'Free Play Over' would march around the desk, and Ender would lie back and tremble until he could finally go to sleep." Chapter 6, pg 64

Ender gets fed up this time, and decides not to play by the rules. His character kicks the drinks over and claws into the Giant's eye, knocking the Giant over and killing him. Ender is simultaneously excited and revolted. ender thinks, "I'm a murderer, even when I play. Peter would be proud of me." Chapter 6, pg 65

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