Chapter 15: Speaker for the Dead Notes from Ender's Game

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Ender's Game Chapter 15: Speaker for the Dead

This chapter is the epilogue. Ender is again isolated as every student from Battle School is repatriated a hero, except Ender. His brother, Peter, as Locke, came up with a plan to restore world peace, and place Locke as Hegemon. However, since every country wanted to tap Ender to for his military mind, he was never to return to Earth. Demosthenes supported the plan, the first time the two were ever united, and the fulfillment of Peter's plan to run everything. Graff explained to Anderson that Ender's desire to rest would never be satisfied on Earth.

Valentine arrives on the station and tells him that Ender is to be governor of the first new colony, and Mazer Rackham would pilot the ship flying to that colony. She tells him that she devised the plan to keep him from Earth, because Peter wanted to use him to only further Peter's own reputation and Ender would never be happy. She also tells him that she will join him. He agrees only to go because he wants to be at peace, and with two friends there, he won't be isolated.

On the new colony, a few years later, he is respected, and he discovers an area that looks familiar. A boy tells him that it looked like a giant died there. Ender suddenly realized it - it was the Fantasy Game landscape come to life. The Buggers somehow reached into his mind, and sent him a message. Ender goes to the "End of the World," pulls the mirror off the wall, and finds a cocoon containing a Bugger egg for a new queen, to be hatched at a time and place where it is safe for them to survive. He did not kill them all. Ender was their destroyer and was to be their savior.

Due to chance at redemption, Ender writes a text, "The Hive Queen," that becomes the central text of a future religion, and signed it "Speaker for the Dead." The text related the life of the Buggers from their own perspective - their triumphs, tragedies, successes and failures. Ender receives a message from Peter, the old-aged Hegemon (due to the relativity of Ender's travel to the new planet). Peter recognized the voice of "The Hive Queen" instantly, and wanted Ender to speak for him.

Ender gets bored of this planet and decides it is time to leave. Valentine, who had become a full-time historian as Demosthenes, decides to join him, to be his companion. Ender is itinerant, an anonymous preacher within a burgeoning religion. "And always Ender carried with him a dry white cocoon, looking for a place where the hive-queen could awaken and thrive in peace. He looked a long time." Chapter 15, pg 324 And with that, the book ends.

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