Chapter 1: Third Notes from Ender's Game

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Ender's Game Chapter 1: Third

Ender is monitored by faceless, action-less voices. (Every chapter in the book begins with a conversation between voices.) We get the sense that they believe Ender to be the best possible chance to save the world from the Buggers, aliens who tried twice to destroy humanity. However, the voices are concerned: "And there are doubts about him. He's too malleable. Too willing to submerge himself in someone else's will." Chapter 1, pg 1 They decide to select him, in spite of these doubts.

In the story, Ender loses his Monitor. When he returns to his seat, he sees on his deskthat he is taunted by a student named Stilson at school for being a Third. "It was not his fault he was a Third. It was the government's idea, they were the ones who authorized it - how else could a Third like Ender have got into school?"Chapter 1, pg 7

School ends, and students transfer their files home using the nets. Stilson's gang confronts Ender, after the hallways empty, and threatens to beat Ender up. Ender responds by brutally attacking the older, bigger, and heavier Stilson. He kicks the child's face, ribs, and groin while he is down, though it is obvious that Stilson could not fight back. Stilson is severely injured at Ender's no-holds attack. Ender is remorseful at chapter's end, and weeps.

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