Chapter 6 Notes from Emma

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Emma Chapter 6

Emma was content that Harriet's heart and mind were refocusing on Mr. Elton. She saw what she wanted to see, and imagined that Mr. Elton was falling for Harriet too. He praised Emma for the great change she had made in Harriet. And when Emma suggested that Harriet sit for a portrait, Mr. Elton seconded the idea strongly. They convinced the reluctant Harriet to sit for it, and Emma began. She was a good artist, though she rarely finished anything she started. While Emma worked Mr. Elton looked over her shoulder and commented on every feature, like the lover Emma imagined him to be. The first day went well, and Emma planned to finish the work with a slight exaggeration of Harriet's finer features, and a slight decrease in her negative ones.

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When completed, Mrs. Weston noticed the liberties Emma had taken, but Mr. Elton defended every one. Mr. Elton offered to have the picture framed in London, which Emma saw as a sign of his love for the subject, not the artist. Emma is happy with this offer, though she thinks Mr. Elton too brooding a lover, and is happy she is second in his eyes.

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