Chapter 55 Notes from Emma

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Emma Chapter 55

Emma's final worries were dispelled when Harriet returned from London, thoroughly in love with Mr. Martin. She had realized the silliness of her love for Mr. Knightley, and Mr. Martin's continued love had tickled her vanity. She had always liked the man, and his love helped convince her to marry him. Harriet Smith's father was revealed to be an honorable tradesman; nothing close to the gentility Emma had imagined. Mr. Martin was welcomed at Hartfield, and Emma found him to be a good man, just right for Harriet. Their friendship would lessen, but with marriage and her new class connections, it had to be so.

That September Harriet and Mr. Martin were married by Mr. Elton. Nothing uncomfortable could be seen. Frank Churchill and Jane Fairfax were to be married in November, and in the middle month, October, Emma and Mr. Knightley decided to have their wedding. But Mr. Woodhouse was too unhappy, too fearful of the loss of Emma, and she could not continue. Their saving grace was a turkey robber. Mrs. Weston's and several other poultry yards had been robbed, and Mr. Woodhouse agreed that having Mr. Knightley at Hartfield would make him feel safer. Mr. Woodhouse thus agreed to the wedding date, almost happily.

It was too simple a wedding for Mrs. Elton, which meant that it was wonderful and tasteful to everyone else. Instead of grandeur the wedding boasted a guest list of true friends, who rejoiced with the couple and joined in their happiness.

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