Chapter 53 Notes from Emma

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Emma Chapter 53

Mrs. Weston gives birth to a girl, whom she names Anna. Everyone is very happy for her, especially Emma. Emma and Mr. Knightley argue good-naturedly about how raising Emma prepared Mrs. Weston for her own motherhood. Mr. Knightley acknowledges his influence over Emma, and Emma acknowledges what a good effect he had on her. He was such an authority figure, though a soft one, that Emma says she won't be able to call him George. Except at the wedding ceremony, he will still be Mr. Knightley to her.

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Emma worries about her relationship with Harriet. They had hardly corresponded while she was in London. Mr. Knightley received a letter from his brother, who was not surprised at the news of his engagement. Mr. John Knightley seemed to have a better view into people's hearts than the matchmaker Miss Woodhouse! Mr. Woodhouse still had to hear the news. Emma tried hard to make it sound like a joy, not a sorrow; but her father was not happy. He tried to discourage her, and he talked about "poor Miss Taylor" and "poor Isabella." The old man hated change, even if it involved happiness for two people he loved. All his friends approved, and he thought that in a year or two, it might not be so bad. The news of the engagement spread around Highbury. Everyone approved, except for the snobbish Eltons

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