Chapter 52 Notes from Emma

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Emma Chapter 52

Emma and Harriet stayed away from each other. Emma went to visit Jane Fairfax, who welcomed her warmly. Their visit could not be a private one, as unfortunately Mrs. Elton was there. Mrs. Elton had a letter from the family Jane was to have worked for, and she spoke about it as though Emma were ignorant of the story. Emma only smiled at her knowledge. Miss Bates came in and nearly spilled the "secret." Mrs. Elton, who always wanted to appear superior, became annoyed when Emma suggested she had the days of a meeting mixed up. But when Mr. Elton arrived, Miss Woodhouse was proved correct. But Mr. Knightley, whom he was to meet with, never showed up. This was quite unusual for the diligent Mr. Knightley, and Mrs. Elton viewed it as an insult to her spouse. She acted quite offended.

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When Emma is leaving she has a few moments alone with Jane Fairfax, who wants to apologize. Emma also apologizes, and the two both agree to forgive. Jane reveals that in three months she will move to Enscombe, where she will live with her new husband and his uncle.

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