Chapter 44 Notes from Emma

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Emma Chapter 44

All Emma could think of that night was the awful trip to Box Hill. She played backgammon with her father, hoping that no one could ever accuse her of hurting him. Emma thought to herself:

"She had been often remiss, her conscience told her so; remiss, perhaps, more in thought than fact; scornful, ungracious. But it should be so no more. In the warmth of true contrition she would call upon her the very next morning, and it should be the beginning, on her side, of a regular, equal, kindly intercourse." Chapter 44, pg. 346

With this change in character and action firm in her mind, Emma set off the next morning for the Bates'. While waiting to be let in, Emma thought of the unkind thoughts she had so often entertained before entering this house. Now she heard some hurried movement inside, as Jane Fairfax and Miss Bates left the room that Emma was brought into. Mrs. Bates apologized, and said that Jane was unwell. Miss Bates did return, much to Emma's relief. Jane Fairfax had agreed to a governess position, and she was very upset. Miss Bates is sure that her distress will lessen as she becomes used to the idea. She admits that the bustle before Emma was let in was Jane--she did not want to visit with anyone. Emma is sympathetic and inquires about Jane's new situation, which makes Miss Bates very pleased. Mrs. Elton found Jane the job with a family near Maple Grove. Jane was reluctant, claiming that she wanted to wait until the Campbells returned; but just yesterday she gave her approval. Frank Churchill had left town directly before she made her answer. He had received notice that his aunt would like him home soon, but he chose to return home directly after Box Hill. This was not a big piece of news, and Miss Bates soon switched the topic to the pianoforte. This made Emma think of how she had gossiped about that pianoforte and its' purchaser, and she felt terrible again, despite having gained Miss Bates' forgiveness.

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