Chapter 37 Notes from Emma

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Emma Chapter 37

Emma, having examined her emotions, decides that she no longer feels attached to Frank Churchill. Her only concern is for him; she still expects him to be fully in love with her, and she knows she will have to hurt him. Her worry subsides when he arrives in Highbury. At their first meeting, she feels mostly friendship. Certainly his feelings had cooled off enough; she would not have to refuse him. Emma was glad of this change, though the young man's excitable state made her fear that his love could bloom again.

During the next week and a half, Frank Churchill did not visit--more proof of a lessening affection. His aunt had decided on another move, this time to Richmond. Only nine miles from Highbury, the young man could visit more often. The Westons were pleased, and it was decided to have the ball at the Crown after all. Everyone was excited and agreed, even Mr. Woodhouse.

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