Chapter 36 Notes from Emma

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Emma Chapter 36

In the conversation after dinner, Mrs. Elton tells Mr. Weston about her eagerness to meet his son. They are lucky that Mrs. Churchill thinks that Enscombe is too cold; their move south brings them closer to Highbury. They discuss long-distance travel, and Mrs. Elton mentions how her sister Selina does not like to sleep at inns. Mrs. Elton is afraid she has erred in suggesting her sister is either more or less genteel than Mrs. Churchill; but Mr. Weston does not seem as concerned. Mrs. Elton babbles on about Maple Grove and all its' advantages, and leaves room to praise her own intellectual resourcefulness. She fishes for compliments, which Mr. Weston is too polite to refuse. Mrs. Elton wants to talk about herself, and Mr. Weston wants to talk about his son, and the two struggle to control the conversation. Mr. Weston tempers his language about Mrs. Churchill; but he does call her a nouveau riche. Mrs. Elton, though guilty of such behavior herself, chooses instead to critique those in her old neighborhood who performed this hypocrisy.

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After tea the group falls into quiet groups, one playing cards, one attempting to converse. Mr. Knightley talks to Emma about his children, who will be visiting Hartfield soon. Her brother-in- law remarks how much more social Emma is, a change which she had not noticed. When Mr. George Knightley suggests that Emma might be too busy for her nephews, Emma reminds him that nearly every party she attends, he does as well.

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