Chapter 35 Notes from Emma

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Emma Chapter 35

After dinner the women broke into two groups, one with Emma, one with Mrs. Elton. Mrs. Elton fawned over Jane and ignored Emma; therefore Emma and Mrs. Weston made their own pair. It was impossible not to overhear Mrs. Elton's attentions to Miss Fairfax; chief among them was Mrs. Elton's desire to get Jane Fairfax a good place of employment, specifically one near Maple Grove. Miss Fairfax was polite, but asked her not to look for anything at the present time.

Mr. Weston arrived, his day of business finally over. John Knightley, who hated parties, could not understand why he would come to this one voluntarily, after a day of work. Mr. Weston was oblivious to any ill will because he came with news of his son. Frank Churchill wrote that he would visit next week. Emma was intent of figuring out how she felt, while Mr. Woodhouse and Mr. George Knightley looked less than excited. But Mr. Weston, so happy with his news, did not notice.

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