Chapter 33 Notes from Emma

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Emma Chapter 33

Emma's dislike for Mrs. Elton only grew.

"She had a little beauty and a little accomplishment, but so little judgment that she thought herself coming with superior knowledge of the world, to enliven and improve a country neighbourhood; and conceived Miss Hawkins to have held such a place in society as Mrs. Elton's consequence only could surpass." Chapter 33, pg. 256

Emma knew her importance, and did not like to see it so usurped. Mr. Elton shared his new wife's pride, and everyone else chose to believe what Mrs. Elton said about her. Mrs. Elton drew back from Emma, suspecting her distaste. The couple began to treat Emma and Harriet more harshly. Mrs. Elton likes Jane Fairfax immensely, and wants to help her. Emma pities Miss Fairfax.

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Miss Bates is grateful for the attention the Eltons paid to her niece, and the two families were often together. Jane Fairfax was quite a mystery--she had refused a new offer to go to Ireland, as the Campbells were extending their trip. Mr. Knightley tries to defend Miss Fairfax's actions, and her patience with Mrs. Elton. So kind are his words that Emma suggests he may like the girl. Mr. Knightley only laughs and tells her that idea is old news, and that it was wrong then too. Emma is quick to say that she did not approve or promote the match, and Mr. Knightley denies Miss Fairfax as a compatible bride for him. Emma hopes this will put an end to speculation, but his protests only fuel Mrs. Weston's imagination.

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