Chapter 31 Notes from Emma

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Emma Chapter 31

Emma is certain she is in love, but the amount grows less over time. She hopes for a letter, but she is not unhappy without him. Life was a bit less spirited, but still pleasurable. Emma imagined the course of their relationship, which would end in friendship, after she refused his affections. She had no doubt he loved her, and that he wanted to express it. But friendship, she decided, was what she really wanted. She could see he was a good man, but too changeable. She was happy to have her first love end so well.

In his letter, Mr. Churchill mentioned Harriet, though only as "Miss Woodhouse's friend." Emma began a reversal, imagining that Frank Churchill and Harriet would make a good match. Remembering the trouble such thoughts caused, Emma pushed it to the back of her mind. But it was a nice idea, because rough times were ahead for Harriet. Soon after Mr. Churchill's leaving, talk switched to Mr. Elton and his bride. Their wedding day was set, and Harriet's unhappiness grew. The only way Emma could calm her was to tell her friend how much her unhappiness hurt her, because it was her fault. The last thing Harriet wanted to do was hurt Miss Woodhouse, so she resolved to change her behavior. Emma loved her sweet friend even more, and acknowledged the superior nature of Harriet's heart.

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