Chapter 30 Notes from Emma

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Emma Chapter 30

Frank Churchill asked his aunt to add a few more days to his visit, in order for the dance to take place. She is surprisingly agreeable, and only Mr. Knightley expresses any ill will towards the dance. He seems cross, complaining about all the trouble. Emma thought it was because he didn't dance himself, and was pleased that he was not excited about dancing with Miss Fairfax.

Unfortunately the dance had to be canceled when Frank received a letter from his uncle, claiming his aunt was ill and needed him. Though he knew this illness had been concocted, the young man had to return home. He came to see Miss Woodhouse and bid her a sad good-bye; he did not know when his next visit to Highbury could be. Emma is surprised to hear that Frank Churchill visited the Bates' before her, and the young man seems on the verge of telling Emma something important, when she interrupts him. Though he does not say so, Emma becomes quite convinced that he loves her; but her father interrupts them.

After his departure, Emma thought more about the young man. Certain he was about to profess his love for her, Emma felt she must be somewhat in love with him herself. She felt restless and decided that she was in love, though likely temporary. Mr. Knightley was polite about Mr. Churchill's sudden exit, and Jane Fairfax became ill soon after.

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