Chapter 29 Notes from Emma

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Emma Chapter 29

Dancing is not such a necessity; but once there is a taste for it, more is usually desired. Such was the case with Frank Churchill, and he and Emma started scheming. They measured different rooms at Randalls, but none were large enough. So insistent was Mr. Churchill on dancing that he glossed over these flaws. During this discussion he showed qualities questionable for a husband, but acceptable in a friend. The next day the young man arrived at Hartfield with a new plan--they should use the Crown Inn for the dance. Emma liked the idea, but her father thought the dance had better be at Randalls--the old inn would be too damp, and someone could get sick. Mr. Churchill got around this fear, however, by convincing Mr. Woodhouse that because the Crown was larger, no windows would have to be opened, no cold air let inside. Mr. Woodhouse agreed, and Mr. Churchill and Emma went to the Crown to help the Westons prepare. They fussed over where the supper should be held, because the passage between rooms was rather long. Frank Churchill suggested asking Miss Bates' opinion, and he offered to go get her. Mr. Weston asks him to bring Jane Fairfax as well.

By the time Frank Churchill returned with the new planners, everything had been decided. The group stayed at the Inn longer, walking around and expressing their happiness. Everyone was looking forward to the dance, and the Westons were especially happy to hear that their son had made Emma promise him several dances.

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