Chapter 28 Notes from Emma

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Emma Chapter 28

Upon arriving, they saw Mrs. Bates asleep, Miss Fairfax with her pianoforte, and Frank Churchill still struggling with the glasses. He should have been finished by now, if he had been laboring since they left. Frank Churchill paid Emma lots of attention, but they all were intent on Miss Fairfax when she played the new instrument. After her playing, Frank Churchill made many comments about the mysterious buyer of the pianoforte, which irritated Miss Fairfax. He seemed to be taunting her, but soon stopped and asked her to play one of the waltzes from Weymouth. The mention of that place made Miss Fairfax redden. Miss Fairfax's mystery patron also sent her over sheet music, which Frank Churchill leafs through. Emma whispers that he should not be so bold; she feels both amused and ashamed at what her speculations have caused.

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Miss Bates spots Mr. Knightley riding by, and tries to entice him in. She almost succeeds, but when he hears that Frank Churchill is there, the idea of a visit is dismissed entirely. He is running an errand, and must be on his way. Miss Bates chats about how kind the gentleman is, and finally the escape is made, though the morning is so gone that Mr. Churchill and Mrs. Weston no longer have time for a visit to Hartfield.

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