Chapter 27 Notes from Emma

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Emma Chapter 27

Emma was not sorry she went to the Coles; surely the visit heightened their opinion of her. She did feel bad about sharing her suspicions about Miss Fairfax with Frank Churchill. She also regretted that her musical abilities were not as good as Miss Fairfax's, and practiced for the morning. Harriet came in while Emma was practicing, and praised her for her talent. Harriet was a bit troubled because last night the Coxes talked about Mr. Martin. To distract her, Emma took her friend on a trip to Ford's. Harriet was very indecisive, and Emma waited by the door. Mrs. Weston and Frank Churchill came by on their way to the Bates'. They are going to hear the pianoforte, though Frank seems reluctant. A few moments after they leave Mrs. Weston and Miss Bates show up, asking Miss Woodhouse and Miss Smith to come in for a few moments. They left Frank back at home, trying to fix Mrs. Bates' glasses. The girls agreed to accompany them, and listened while Miss Bates rattled on about Frank fixing the glasses, and some apples Mr. Knightley had sent over. Overly touched by any act of kindness, Miss Bates is likely to go on and on and on about it. They are not spared.

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