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Emma Chapter 24

The next morning Frank came again, this time with Mrs. Weston. Emma was surprised and glad; her opinion of him depended on his treatment of her friend. She found him not at all deficient, and they all enjoyed a long walk together. He showed great interest in everything Highbury, especially the Crown Inn. It was built long ago, and its' ballroom had gone unused due to the lack of proper families in town. Frank, enchanted with the idea of a dance, insisted that they arrange one, despite the difficulties.

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Emma asks Frank about his visit to the Bates'. He thought Miss Fairfax looked ill, and he criticized her complexion. Miss Woodhouse stood up for the girl and her face, but when she mentioned Weymouth, Frank changed the subject to Ford's, desiring to go inside and make a purchase. On the subject of Weymouth, Mr. Churchill was nearly as reserved in his description as Miss Fairfax was. He finally opened up, and admitted they visited often during his time there. He spoke of her musical talent, and Mr. Dixon's appreciation of her abilities. Emma slyly suggested that if she were Miss Campbell, she would have been very jealous to see her beau so favor another woman's talent. Though Mr. Churchill objected to that statement, he did agree with Miss Woodhouse's appraisal of Miss Fairfax as too reserved. All this agreement of opinion and pleasant conversation made Emma happier to have met him. He was both better and worse, both different and exactly what she had expected. Charmed and attracted, Emma took his appreciation for small houses as a sign, "determined that he did know what he was talking about, and that he showed a very amiable inclination to settle early in life, and to marry from worthy motives." Chapter 24, pg. 186 More romantic than realistic, Emma still admired his opinion and the man himself.

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