Chapter 23 Notes from Emma

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Emma Chapter 23

Before their visit to the Martins, poor Harriet saw a trunk belonging to Mr. Elton loaded into a carriage. Thinking only of events far away, Harriet was in no mood now for a visit. Fifteen minutes only was the time before Emma and her carriage reappeared to pick her up, the time much too short. Only Mrs. Martin and her two daughters were present, and just when their caution and reserve were starting to melt, it was time to leave. The brevity of the visit was felt as an insult, and left nobody happy. Only Emma felt the visit was properly performed.

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Hoping for cheer Emma lead them to Randalls, but found that Mr. Weston and his wife were already at Hartfield. When the two groups found each other, Mr. Weston had exciting news--Frank Churchill would arrive in Highbury tomorrow. Emma could not help but feel happy, for Mrs. Weston and for herself. The Westons seem excited to introduce the pair.

Frank arrived the next day earlier than expected. Mr. Weston, anxious for Emma to meet his son, brought him over directly. Emma liked him immediately. He was handsome, pleasant, and clever. His delightful praise for Highbury and Mrs. Weston only heightened Emma's admiration of him. Gallant and polite, he almost tripped over himself, so anxious did he seem to praise and please. Emma saw him as a positive addition to her acquaintance, but she knew she should wait for a better knowledge of him before determining how positive. Emma suspects that the Westons hope the pair will get together, though luckily her father suspects nothing. Mr. Woodhouse likes Frank, and when Frank confesses to knowing Jane Fairfax, Mr. Woodhouse approves of him even more. He met her at Weymouth, and though spoke little about her, he did leave to pay his visit. Emma was pleased with Mr. Churchill, and anxious for their acquaintance to grow.

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