Chapter 22 Notes from Emma

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Emma Chapter 22

A new bride, like the newly deceased, is always talked of with nothing but praise. Though still unseen to all of Highbury, Mr. Elton's new wife, Augusta Hawkins, was raised in the public mind to a beauty, a wit, and a lady. Mr. Elton was happy to have the past behind him--Miss Woodhouse had rejected him, then offended him with the suggestion of Miss Smith as a love interest. He was perfectly satisfied that his new bride surpassed Miss Woodhouse in every way. He and Augusta Hawkins fell in love quickly. She had a nice fortune, and it was a good match for him. Emma found him to now be arrogant and self-satisfied, and regretted how poorly she had judged his character. Emma had no doubt that the bride was an acceptable match, but surely nothing compared to her Harriet. Miss Hawkins' father was a merchant, making her of a lower class. Now orphaned, it was only her sister's new husband who added any class to the family. Poor Harriet was never far from praise about Mr. Elton, for most of the town loved him. And to further her confused heart, Elizabeth Martin paid her a visit, though Harriet was not home at the time. The call had to be answered, and Emma's solution was for Harriet to visit the Martins, but with Emma ready to pick her up several minutes after the visit begins. Despite the kindness the Martin's had shown her, Harriet agreed to Emma's plan.

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