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Emma Chapter 2

Mr. Weston was a native of Highbury, born into a family of the higher class. He was well educated and chose the military as his profession. He met a wealthy young woman, Miss Churchill, whom he married despite her family's objections. Her family disowned her, and though she loved her husband, she missed Enscombe and her previous life of ease. She died after giving birth to a boy, Frank, whom Mr. Churchill and Mrs. Churchill took to raise.

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After this Mr. Weston went into trade, and lived the next twenty years happy and alone in Highbury. His money belonged to himself, as his son would be the Churchill's heir, not his own. Therefore he had the money to marry Miss Taylor, a governess with little dowry. Frank lived with the Churchill's, though he was a great topic of conversation and curiosity in Highbury. The curiosity increased with the hope that Frank would visit his father and new stepmother. The town discussed it over tea, drooled over his well-written letters, and hoped for the day they could see this mysterious favored son. Mrs. Weston was happy and anxious to meet her new son, though she often regretted leaving Emma behind. But she felt comfort that Emma could take good care of herself.

After several weeks Mr. Woodhouse grew less depressed over the loss of Miss Taylor, though he often referred to her as "poor Miss Taylor." Hating rich foods, Mr. Woodhouse's stress lessened after the wedding cake was gone. He even went to the trouble of asking Mr. Perry, the doctor, about its' ill effects; he discouraged everyone from eating it, and he seemed calmer once it was eaten and no longer a subject of discussion.

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