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Emma Chapter 19

Harriet was constantly on the topic of her angelic Mr. Elton. During a walk Emma hoped to occupy her friend's mind with a visit to Mrs. Bates and her niece. Emma did not visit the pair as much as she should, and she decided to remedy this mistake. The Bates' lived moderately, but were very hospitable to their many guests. But they were lower class, and Emma regretted to hear them mention Mr. Cole and Mrs. Cole, because she knew a mention of their friend Mr. Elton was not far behind. First the bothersome pair brought out a letter from Mr. Elton detailing his absence, then a letter from the tiresome Jane Fairfax. Emma politely asked about Jane Fairfax, though there was no topic she would rather avoid. Miss Bates, oblivious to how her constant chatter and praise might annoy, bubbled happily on about her niece. Mrs. Bates was quite deaf, and Emma had to endure hearing Miss Bates repeat everything Emma said several times to the old woman.

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Jane Fairfax would arrive next week. The family she lives with, the Campbells, are going to Ireland to visit their newly married daughter, Mrs. Dixon. Despite her intimacy with the family, and with Mr. Dixon, who once saved Jane's life, Jane has decided to come visit her aunt instead. She is still recovering from a cold, and wrote to her aunts that the weather of Surrey would do her good. Miss Bates rambled on about Jane's letter and her health, and Emma is finally able to make a polite escape, without hearing the entirety of Jane's letter read aloud.

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