Chapter 17 Notes from Emma

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Emma Chapter 17

Once the weather improved, Isabella and her husband ended their visit. Mr. Elton left Highbury as well, and Emma was happy to be temporarily rid of Mr. Elton. With Harriet nearly better, Emma traveled to Mrs. Goddard's to perform her sad task. Harriet was upset, but did not blame Emma. She realized how crazy it was to imagine that a man such as Mr. Elton would like her, and thought that only the kind Miss Woodhouse would imagine her so worthy. Emma took Harriet to Hartfield and did her best to take her mind off Mr. Elton, whom Harriet still thought was the height of perfection. Emma hoped Harriet to be better by the time of Mr. Elton's return, but the preacher was so well-loved and respected that even in his absence, he was a popular subject of conversation at Mrs. Goddard's.

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