Chapter 14 Notes from Emma

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Emma Chapter 14

Upon entering Randalls Mr. Knightley had to put on a happier face, Mr. Elton one less so. Emma, happy to be with the Westons, appeared just as she felt. Emma chatted long with Mrs. Weston, but when she sat down for dinner she found Mr. Elton at her side. She wanted to ignore him, but he kept foiling her best attempts. He was so friendly and considerate that Emma began to wonder if her brother-in-law was right, and she tried harder to ignore him. Emma was much more interested in the Weston's conversation about Frank Churchill, Mr. Weston's son. Though having never met him, Emma imagined him to be the one person who could induce her to marry. Certainly his close relation with her beloved governess, and his respectable background, made him the only candidate. Also, she thought it was an idea that had likely crossed the minds of Mr. and Mrs. Weston.

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Emma learned from Mr. Weston that Frank wanted badly to visit, but that his aunt's ill health kept him away. At long last, he thought his son would be able to visit next month. Mrs. Churchill is very domineering, and Frank will likely only be allowed to come if a group of friends decide not to visit Enscombe. They are hopeful this will happen, but Mrs. Weston is especially careful not to get too excited. The Westons try to speak politely about Mrs. Churchill, but they cannot hide their annoyance with her. Emma cannot understand why the young man cannot make the trip, but Mrs. Weston cautions Emma not to make judgments without knowing the family's situation. Emma believes he should be able to influence his aunt towards the visit, but Mrs. Weston again cautions that they who know so little of his situation should not judge it.

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