Chapter 10 Notes from Emma

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Emma Chapter 10

The weather, though December, was nice enough for Emma to pay a charitable visit to a poor family who lived near Highbury. She went with Harriet, and their walk passed by the vicarage, where Mr. Elton resides. Emma remarks that it will likely be Harriet's home one day. Harriet then asks Emma whether she will ever marry, and Emma firmly replies that she has no intention to--her life is missing nothing, and marriage could only subtract from her present enjoyments.

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The topic switches to Jane Fairfax, Miss Bates' niece. Emma does not like her, mostly because she is discussed so much by everyone. They have now reached the cottage of the poor family, and Emma dealt with them kindly. Walking home they meet Mr. Elton, and Emma tries her best to leave the lovers alone, with little success. Finally Emma fell behind and broke off her bootlace, so that the three would have to go inside the house. Once inside Emma and the housekeeper were in one room fixing her lace, while Emma left those two alone. Unfortunately, they took no advantage of this opportunity. The day was not a total disaster, and though Mr. Elton seems cautious, Emma guesses the pair will soon be together.

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