Chapter 5 Notes from Ethan Frome

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Ethan Frome Chapter 5

When Ethan and Mattie finish their supper, they sit by the fire in a way that he has dreamed of so often.

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They talk to each other with ease until Ethan brings up the topic of marriage. He mentions that he had seen Ned Hale and Ruth Varnum kissing; this makes Mattie blush.

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Ethan implores Mattie not to think about Zeena's dislike of her, and Mattie blushes again. Mattie draws herself away from Ethan a little, and Ethan notices her distance.

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The thought of Zeena disturbs her as much as it does him. The severity of the situation - that Zeena will be returning home - hits Ethan and Mattie, who suddenly realize that they have only a few moments of solitude left. Ethan kisses the sewing material that Mattie had been working on, but then realizes that he had not even touched her hand.

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