Chapter 25 Notes from Dracula

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Dracula Chapter 25

Jonathan asks Seward to write about the evening of October 11, as it is very emotional for Jonathan. Mina gathers the men together. She is only herself around sunrise and sunset. The rest of the day she spends in a bit of a daze. This night she tells the men that she has made a decision. "I on my part give up the uncertainty of eternal rest and go out into the dark where may be the blackest things that the world or the nether world holds!" Chapter 25, pg. 365 She then asks the men to kill her if she changes past the point of no return, and also to read for her the burial service this night. The men agree, Jonathan most reluctantly.

Jonathan then describes the journey to Varna. Arthur has an agent in London sending him a daily telegraph informing him of news of Dracula's ship docking anywhere. They use Arthur's title and their combined wealth to convince the authorities that they have a right to inspect the box of earth whenever the boat should dock. Mina is hypnotized every night and always reports that she hears waves.

Finally the men hear word that the ship has come to Dardanelles, one day from Varna. Three days later, it still has not arrived. Mina now reports that the waves are 'faint'. The next day they hear that the ship has docked at Galatz.

Seward writes that they rush to make plans to move to the new location. Before everyone runs off to arrange transportation and entrance onto the ship at the new port, Mina notes that she feels freer from Dracula's spell. When the two doctors are alone, Van Helsing confides that he is concerned that the Count knows of their approach. However, when Mina comes back with the manuscript, he realizes that Dracula is running. As Harker had noted in his journal, Dracula attacked Turkey, retreated, and attacked again many times. He is now doing the same with London, and Mina is free because they have him on the run.

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