Chapter 24 Notes from Dracula

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Dracula Chapter 24

Van Helsing speaks into Seward's phonograph diary with a note for Jonathan. He tells him to stay and protect Mina while the others go to find the ship that carries Dracula. Van Helsing realizes that Dracula knows he was beaten in London, and so loaded his last box onto a ship. He made the last grab for the money because he was desperate.

Mina records in her journal a meeting of them all. Arthur discovered which boat was bound for the Black Sea. The men spoke with the dockworkers and found that a man fitting Dracula's description managed to get himself a place on the boat, which was leaving before the turn of the tide. Dracula called in a fog to keep the boat docked until after the tide turned, so that he could board it. They find out who is receiving the box, and how long it will take to get there.

Seward writes that he and Van Helsing notice that Mina is changing like Lucy changed. They realize that Dracula may be able to find out what they are doing by reading Mina's thoughts. They resolve to keep Mina uninformed once again.

As it turns out, Mina intuits this herself and does not show up for the next meeting. At the meeting, they decide that they can get to Varna quicker by land than Dracula can by sea, but still they should leave in a couple of days. They decide to bring guns, at Quincey's suggestion. Van Helsing tells Jonathan to stay behind with Mina.

Jonathan writes of speaking with Mina. She insists that he tell her nothing of their plans, and he agrees, even though it makes him uncomfortable. However, she insists to them all that she go with them on their journey, because if Dracula calls for her, she will go alone, without the safety of the group, and will use every possible wile to reach her goal. They agree with her logic, so she comes along.

They form a plan to put a branch of wild rose on the box when they find him, then to kill him when they have the chance, even if it means in the presence of onlookers. Van Helsing warns them all that plans have a way of changing.

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