Chapter 23 Notes from Dracula

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Dracula Chapter 23

Seward describes the events of October 3 in his diary. Van Helsing, who is beginning to understand the psychology of Dracula, explains that he, who was a genius and a warrior in his life, now has centuries to plan his moves, and is in many ways just learning by experimentation, like a child. They are still waiting for the others to return to Piccadilly when a telegram arrives from Mina. She says he left Carfax at 12:45.

Arthur and Quincey show up not long after. They report that they have destroyed the remaining boxes except for the one they cannot find. After some figuring on time, knowing that Dracula could only cross the Thames during low tide, Van Helsing figures Dracula should arrive soon. Suddenly, they hear the key in the door.

Quincey, who used to lead Seward and Arthur on hunting expeditions, silently places everyone in the room for the attack. Dracula enters the room and everyone moves in, crucifixes extended. Dracula is angry, and Harker attacks with his knife. The monster moves quickly and avoids the blade, which cuts his coat, spilling money. Before the advancing men can do further harm, he dives, grabs some money and bounds out of the window. He threatens them with, "My revenge has just begun! I spread it over centuries and time is on my side." Chapter 23, pg. 339

The men give chase but do not catch him. They return to Seward's and tell Mina everything. Despite her husband's anger, she begs them to kill Dracula to save his soul, thinking that she may need saving, too.

The rest of the chapter is from Jonathan's journal. He tells of how Mina wakes in the morning before dawn with the idea that Van Helsing should hypnotize her in order to figure out the Count's plan. The hypnosis must happen before dawn.

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He puts her in a trance, with everyone watching. She does not know where she is, and cannot see anything, but she hears water lapping against something. She hears a men stamping and a large chain creaking on a ratchet. Then she wakes up. Van Helsing realizes that Dracula is on a boat that is weighing anchor. He is taking his one box of earth and escaping England altogether. Mina thinks that their job is done. Van Helsing insists that they chase him. He explains, "[Y]ou are but mortal woman. Time is now to be dreaded - since once he put that mark upon your throat." Chapter 23, pg. 347 Mina faints.

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