Chapter 20 Notes from Dracula

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Dracula Chapter 20

Jonathan details his detective work in seeking out the remaining boxes of earth. He locates all twenty-one of them, at three different locations around London owned by the Count. He finds out that Dracula himself helped to move some of the boxes. He realizes that this means that the Count can keep distributing boxes himself around town, and thus that action must be taken quickly.

When he reports his discoveries to the others, Morris notes that it will be impossible to break into one of the houses, which is in crowded Piccadilly, without getting arrested. They will need to find a key.

Seward writes about Renfield, who has become disgusted with life and afraid of souls. He will not use the word 'drink.'. Seward realizes that, somehow, the Count has gotten to him.

Seward writes the next day that the attendant that he put at Renfield's door was dozing off during the night. Suddenly, another attendant enters Seward's room and tells him that Renfield has had an accident and is covered in blood, lying on the floor.

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