Chapter 19 Notes from Dracula

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Dracula Chapter 19

Harker writes that the men discuss their doubts about Renfield, but in the end they are better off keeping him locked up to prevent him from helping the Count in some way. They advance to Carfax, and Van Helsing gives each man a package he has prepared: a crucifix and garlic, a revolver and a knife, small electric miner's lamps and some sacred wafers.

They enter the house, which is dusty, insect-filled and generally creepy. There are keys on a table which, judging by the indents in the dust, have been used a few times. Harker, knowing the blueprints, leads them to the chapel, which is foul and stagnant. They count and find only twenty nine-boxes. Imagination runs wild, and the men start to think they see Dracula's face. Suddenly, rats invade the chapel by the thousands. Godalming blows a whistle he brought for such an occasion, and dogs come to the rescue from next door. They leave the house and congratulate themselves on finding out how many boxes are missing and on leaving Mina out of the fray.

Jonathan writes that he went back to bed to find Mina asleep, looking very pale. Although he sleeps late, Mina sleeps later.

Seward writes that Van Helsing woke him the next morning and asked to see Renfield. Seward tells him to go alone, which he does. When he returns, he reports that now the lunatic is angry and calls him a fool.

Mina writes that she is listless, tired and sad. She has been crying a lot, but she does not know why. She cannot remember going to sleep the previous night, just that there were noises from Renfield's room and a strange mist invading her own.

The next day, Renfield asks to see her and gives her a blessing. She cannot sleep so she asks Seward for a sleeping draught, then, after taking it, doubts that she did the right thing in denying herself the ability to wake if need be.

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