Chapter 17 Notes from Dracula

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Dracula Chapter 17

The Harkers meet with the rest of Lucy's friends. The meeting is described in alternating diary entries, mostly from Seward's and Mina's perspectives.

Seward: Van Helsing receives a telegram that the Harkers are coming to join them, but, as he is going to Amsterdam for a day, he cannot meet her. He sends Seward in his stead, and gives him all of the papers and diaries to read. Seward and Mina meet at the station and hit it off immediately.

Mina: She overhears Seward speaking his diary into the phonograph and, curious, asks about Lucy's death. She wears down Seward's resistance to telling her the terrible tale, and he shares his diary recordings that recount the series of events.

Seward: She not only listens, but transcribes them in triplicate on the typewriter. They make a decision between the two of them that everyone involved must be informed of everything, in order to work as a team to defeat the monster.

Mina: She is shocked at the story of Lucy's death, but, in light of Jonathan's experiences, must believe it. She decides to take all available information and catalogue it in chronological order, including anything relevant from the local papers.

Seward: Jonathan, who had been in Whitby, arrives. Seward learns that Carfax, next door, now belongs to the Count, and he makes the connection between the Count and Renfield. He keeps a close eye on Renfield, who now appears sane.

Jonathan: He has been spending the last two days tracing Dracula's cargo from Whitby to London. He is convinced that, due to the Count's diligence, everything has gone according to plan: fifty boxes of common Transylvanian earth have been placed in Carfax. Some number have been taken from there, but how many, or to where, is still unknown.

Mina: She is thrilled that Jonathan is in good spirits again from working hard. Lord Godalming and Mr. Morris arrive and everyone meets. Mina strikes up an immediate trust with Arthur and comforts him when he breaks down in hysterics over Lucy's death. She then comforts Quincey as well. The two men immediately consider her a sister.

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