Chapter 10 Notes from Dracula

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Dracula Chapter 10

Dr. Seward writes a letter to Holmwood telling him that Lucy is not feeling as well as she had been, and that he and Van Helsing are keeping this news from her mother, for fear of shocking her weak heart.

The next document, Seward's diary, tells of a conversation with Van Helsing in which they discuss the fact that they are not telling Holmwood the whole truth, for his own sake. Meanwhile, Van Helsing explains to Seward that he is not even telling him the whole truth, thinking it better that Seward come to the same conclusions by his own method.

When they check in on Lucy, they find her "ghastly, chalky pale," and with almost no strength. Van Helsing declares that a blood transfusion is necessary, and Seward immediately volunteers. Before they can begin the procedure, however, Holmwood arrives, having figured out from the letter that things were dire.

Van Helsing sizes up the situation and drafts Holmwood to give blood instead of Seward, allowing him to give one brief kiss to his lover before saving her. The transfusion resuscitates her, barely. As the choker slips from her neck, Van Helsing notices with a wince the two small neck wounds. Seward at first thinks they are the cause of the blood loss, but then changes his mind. "The whole bed would have been drenched to a scarlet with the blood the girl must have lost..." Chapter 10, pg. 136

Van Helsing needs to return to Amsterdam to study more, so he tells Seward to stay with Lucy through the night.

Dr. Seward stays the night and looks after Lucy, who is initially afraid to sleep because of the horrors it entails for her. She does drift off, though, and the next day, Seward leaves and goes about his business at the asylum. When he returns to Lucy, she is in very good condition, and, having not slept in two days, he falls asleep in the next room.

Lucy writes in her diary that she is thankful for her fiancé and the care of Dr. Seward.

The next day, Professor Van Helsing arrives, and they check in on Lucy. She is worse than ever. This time, Dr. Seward gives his blood. "No man knows till he experiences it, what it is like to feel his own life-blood drawn away into the woman he loves." Chapter 10, pg. 141 They do not tell Holmwood of the new development.

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The transfusion works, again, though Seward cannot figure out where all her missing blood went. Van Helsing takes the watch for the night.

The next day, Van Helsing receives a package. It is garlic from a friend in Haarlem. He rubs the garlic all around Lucy's room, especially around her windows door and fireplace. He also hangs a wreath of garlic around Lucy's neck.

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