Notes on Objects & Places from Dracula

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Dracula Objects/Places

Branch of wild rose: When placed on a coffin, a vampire cannot escape.

Carfax: The creepy old London estate purchased by Dracula through Jonathan.

Crucifix: Used to impair a vampire's power. One is given to Jonathan by a peasant. Van Helsing gives some to the men as weapons.

Dracula's castle: The Count's home and the base of his power.

Earth-boxes: Large wooden boxes filled with Transylvanian soil. Dracula must sleep in these when abroad.

Garlic: Used to impair a vampire's power.

Holy wafer: Used to impair a vampire's power. One burns Mina's forehead after she is 'infected.'

Jonathan's diary: Jonathan's record of all that happens in Transylvania. He gives it to Mina for safekeeping as a symbol of their marital trust.

Kukri knife: A large knife that Jonathan begins carrying after Dracula infects Mina.

Manuscript: All of the journals, diaries, articles, legal papers and other documents that Mina transcribes into a chronological account. Presumably, it is the novel.

Mirror: A source of anger for Dracula. He has no reflection.

Mist/fog: A disguise of Dracula's.

Piccadilly: The site of a house purchased by Dracula in Central London.

Seward's residence/Asylum: Where the protagonists live while dealing with Dracula. Also the home of Renfield.

Sharpened wooden stake: Used to kill a vampire. One was used to kill the vampiric Lucy.

Spiders/flies: Renfield eats these to harvest their souls.

Suicide's grave: An unfortunate favorite spot for Mina and Lucy. It is where Dracula first attacks Lucy.

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