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Don Quixote Topic Tracking: Helmet Imagery

Volume 1, Chapter 1

Helmet Imagery 1: Don Quijote repairs his grandfather's helmet that is missing pieces.

Volume 1, Chapter 2

Helmet Imagery 2: On his first day as a knight errant, Don Quijote dons his makeshift helmet.

Helmet Imagery 3: The two prostitutes cannot untie the ribbons on his helmet and Don Quijote will not allow them to cut them. He eats with his helmet on.

Volume 1, Chapter 7

Helmet Imagery 4: Don Quijote patches up his helmet.

Volume 1, Chapter 9

Helmet Imagery 5: The Basque's blow removes most of Don Quijote's helmet.

Volume 1, Chapter 10

Helmet Imagery 6: Don Quijote spots his ruined helmet and throws a fit, vowing to revenge the man who ruined his helmet.

Volume 1, Chapter 19

Helmet Imagery 7: Sancho tells Don Quijote that he believes that their misadventures stem from his master's failure to fulfill his oath to get the helmet of Mambrino.

Volume 1, Chapter 21

Helmet Imagery 8: Don Quijote admits that it (the basin the traveling barber was wearing on his head in the rain) is not unlike a basin, but that it is still the helmet of Mambrino that has, at some point, been melted down and reshaped.

Volume 1, Chapter 22

Helmet Imagery 9: A guard tells Don Quijote to "straighten out the barber's basin on his head."

Helmet Imagery 10: Ginés de Pasamonte pulls the basin off Don Quijote's head and destroys it by beating Don Quijote with it and banging it on the ground.

Volume 1, Chapter 30

Helmet Imagery 11: Confronted with his mistake of releasing dangerous criminals, Don Quijote defends himself by angrily citing the rules of knight errantry and pulls his old helmet down over his face.

Volume 1, Chapter 44

Helmet Imagery 12: Don Quijote and Sancho maintain they won all items fairly from the barber and Sancho fetches the helmet.

Volume 1, Chapter 45

Helmet Imagery 13: The wronged barber, secure in the knowledge that he is in the right, asks those assembled around him if they believe his basin to be a basin.

Volume 1, Chapter 46

Helmet Imagery 14: The priest pays the barber for the basin and the barber gives him a receipt stating he will relinquish all claim to the basin for all eternity.

Volume 2, Chapter 7

Helmet Imagery 15: Don Quijote says he will not return to knight errantry unless he gets a helmet. Carrasco says he can give him one, but it is rusty.

Volume 2, Chapter 17

Helmet Imagery 16: Don Quijote, unaware that his squire has placed cottage cheese in his helmet, places it on his head and seeing the curds -- believes his brains are melting.

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