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Don Quixote Topic Tracking: Donkey Imagery

Topic Tracking: Donkey Imagery

Volume 2, Chapter 11

Donkey Imagery 1: Sancho and Don Quijote are angry because the clown hit the donkey with the oxbladders.

Volume 2, Chapter 12

Donkey Imagery 2: Rocinante are the best of friends -- helping each other scratch hard-to-reach places and resting neck on neck.

Volume 2, Chapter 25

Donkey Imagery 3: The alderman finds his donkey dead -- apparently eaten by wolves.

Volume 2, Chapter 27

Donkey Imagery 4: The villagers place the partly conscious Sancho upon his donkey; who devotedly follows Rocinante.

Volume 2, Chapter 28

Donkey Imagery 5: Don Quijote tells Sancho that he is a donkey and will always be a donkey.

Volume 2, Chapter 29

Donkey Imagery 6: As they head out in the boat, Sancho starts crying when he hears his donkey braying plaintively.

Volume 2, Chapter 33

Donkey Imagery 7: The Duchess tells Sancho that he can take his donkey with him when he becomes governor and spoil him.

Volume 2, Chapter 34

Donkey Imagery 8: Don Quijote finds Sancho hanging from a tree by his pants with his faithful donkey by his side.

Volume 2, Chapter 49

Donkey Imagery 9: Sancho tells the butler that he expects good food for him and his donkey.

Volume 2, Chapter 53

Donkey Imagery 10: Sancho hugs his donkey and calls him friend and reminisces about the happier times spent traveling together before he got so ambitious.

Volume 2, Chapter 55

Donkey Imagery 11: In the pit, Sancho imagines that one day when they find his and his donkey's bones, they will know who died down here since he and his donkey were inseparable.

Volume 2, Chapter 65

Donkey Imagery 12: As Don Quijote and Sancho leave Barcelona, Sancho walks as his donkey carries Don Quijote's armor and weapons.

Volume 2, Chapter 73

Donkey Imagery 13: Sancho's donkey arrives in town decked out in Sancho's flame covered cloak and hat. Two little boys comment on how Sancho's donkey has come back all dressed up and Don Quijote's horse is skinnier than when he went away.

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