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Volume 2, Chapter 44 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 2, Chapter 44

Sidi Hamid explains that he included additional stories to the history of Don Quijote in Volume One because he had found it boring at times to only have the two main characters to write about. Due to the complaints of his readership, he is refraining from including such diversions from their tale in this Volume Two.

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Sancho recognizes that the steward has the same face as Countess Trifaldi; Don Quijote agrees but, says they should leave the idea alone because it would muddle and confuse their minds. Just the same, Sancho says he is going to keep his eyes open. Sancho leaves for his island astride a mule, wearing a loose fitting red camel hair coat and matching hat, accompanied by a great many servants. Don Quijote sinks into a depression and retires to bed early. Outside his window, he hears the voices of two maidens, Emerencia and Altisidora and from their conversation he suspects that one of them is in love with him. He becomes anxious that he might be tempted to stray from his chaste love of Dulcinea and she will lose the prize she has won -- Don Quijote! This scene is just like some in his books of chivalry as Altisidora plays the harp and sings a song of her longing for Don Quijote. Among the many things she wants to do to him and for him is to scratch the dandruff from his itchy head and rub his feet.

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