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Volume 2, Chapter 43 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 2, Chapter 43

Don Quijote continues to advise Sancho on matters pertaining to grooming, manners and how to dress and carry himself. Eructating (belching) in front of others is a big no-no. He also points out that Sancho must use and choose his proverbs with more care. Sancho doesn't see anything wrong with his plentiful use of proverbs and is even thinking of four at the moment that fit this situation perfectly, but he won't say them since...

"'as Sancho says, silence is golden.'
'That must be some other Sancho,' said Don Quijote."
Volume 2, Chapter 43, pg. 584

Don Quijote makes further comments about Sancho's unsuitability to be governor. Sancho reminds him that this was all Don Quijote's idea! Don Quijote suddenly thinks Sancho would make an excellent governor.

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