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Volume 2, Chapter 40 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 2, Chapter 40

The Countess, also known as Dolorida fainted. Sancho thinks this a terrible punishment and points out that these ladies probably don't have enough money to pay for a shave. One of the ladies agrees, explaining that they sometimes remove it themselves (using the equivalent of modern hot-wax treatment). As Don Quijote agrees to do whatever he can to help, the Countess quickly comes out of her swoon and thanks him. She explains that since the kingdom is so far (fifteen thousand miles) Don Quijote and Sancho will have to ride a magic wooden flying horse steered by a peg in its head that Malumbruno said he would send as soon as she found Don Quijote. Sancho says thanks, but no thanks, he'll stay put and help his master by whipping himself while his master attends to this giant. They all pressure Sancho to go and after Dolorida moans about how difficult it can be to be a lady in waiting -- let alone a bearded lady in waiting! -- Sancho agrees to go.

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