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Volume 2, Chapter 38 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 2, Chapter 38

An elaborate mourning party wearing elaborate costumes arrives. The Countess Trifaldi is wearing a great triangulated skirt held up by three pages (her name means three skirt). She and a dozen dueñas wear opaque veils over their faces. The Countess butters up both lord and squire in asking for a favor, referring to Don Quijote as "the Mostest of La Mancha" (pg. 560). They are won over and the Duke and Duchess are impressed with her keen wit and acting.

The Countess is a lady in waiting to Queen and widow Doña Maguncia and helped raise her daughter Antonomasia. The daughter is beautiful and sensible, but alas the dueña was not the latter for she allowed a charming cad named Don Clavijo to woo the girl and persuade them both to let him secretly marry her (he was not her social equal). When she became pregnant they decided it was time to see the court chaplain for a public, official marriage. At this point, Sancho interrupts asking her if she could hurry the story along as it is getting late.

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