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Book Notes

Volume 2, Chapter 37 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 2, Chapter 37

As they await the arrival of Countess Trifaldi, Sancho, who is worried that this lady's problem might somehow affect his governorship starts to bad-mouth all dueñas (unmarried chaperones and companions to other ladies). Sancho mentions that his barber says that dueñas are hairy and then adds:

"...but if the rice is already boiling, don't stir it up, even if it's getting sticky." Volume 2, Chapter 37, pg. 558

Not about to let Sancho have the last word, Doña Rodríguez says that squires [the male counterpart to ladies-in-waiting] have always picked on dueñas since they have nothing better to do while they hang around waiting for their masters.

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