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Volume 2, Chapter 30 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 2, Chapter 30

Both lord and squire are feeling right cranky. Sancho is looking for an opportunity to leave his crazy master. But the next day, they happen upon a group of people hunting with falcons and hawks, one of which is an elegant, noble, beautiful lady. Don Quijote directs Sancho to inform her that The Knight of the Lions sends her a kiss for her hands and would like to kiss them in person and serve her. Sancho tells her all this and a few things more, including Don Quijote's old name -- Knight of the Sad Face. She commends Sancho on his polished professional delivery of the message and says that she knows of them from the book That Ingenious Gentleman, Don Quijote de La Mancha. She tells Sancho that she is delighted and Don Quijote is most welcome on the estate. As Sancho goes to deliver the good news, the Duchess beckons to her husband the Duke and she tells him of their good fortune -- to meet the real live characters from the book they enjoyed! They decide to play along with whatever Don Quijote manages to cook up and keep him and Sancho around for as long as they can.

After they enter the estate Sancho's and Don Quijote experience a great deal of embarrassment as they attempt to dismount gracefully and fail miserably. Don Quijote says his squire is better at talking than squiring. Sancho speaks up, supplying proof. The duchess says that Sancho must be very wise since he is humorous and witty. "And talkative" (pg. 520) chirps Don Quijote. The Duke and Duchess invite Don Quijote to come stay at their castle as befits an outstanding knight errant as himself. The Duchess insists Sancho ride beside her so she could share his wise thoughts with her as they traveled to the castle.

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